The Crucifixion with St Jerome and St Dominic and Scenes from the Passion (late 15th or early 16th century)

About this artwork

This very small panel shows Christ on the Cross with the anguished figures of the Virgin Mary and St John the Evangelist. Kneeling below are St Jerome and St Dominic, who holds up a rosary. Included in the landscape beyond are scenes from Christ’s Passion (events leading to the Crucifixion) and to the right, the empty tomb. This provides a note of hope for it could also allude to the risen Christ. The panel was one half of a diptych (the other part is in the Boijmans Museum, Rotterdam), the distinctive iconography of which is connected with the Dominican cult of the Rosary.

Geertgen tot Sint Jans

Geertgen tot Sint Jans

Geertgen might originally have come from Leiden, although he moved to Haarlem, where he lived with the Knights of the Order of Saint John. He did not join the Order, but took the name ‘tot Sint Jans’, ‘at St John’s’ , from its convent. In Geertgen's rare and highly distinctive paintings, he treated light with great sensitivity and stylised his figures and animals, simplifying their forms and features.