About this artwork

This is a study of a painter at work, rather than a self-portrait. It is typically atmospheric, demonstrating Daumier’s loose handling of paint and love of Rembrandtesque chiaroscuro. Daumier was an infrequent painter (he was also a sculptor), turning to the medium when, for various reasons, he was denied outlets for his satirical prints which were published mainly in 'La Caricature' and, later, 'Le Charivari'.

  • title: The Painter
  • accession number: NG 1616
  • artist: Honoré DaumierFrench (1808 - 1879)
  • gallery: In Storage
  • object type: Painting
  • materials: Oil on panel
  • date created: 1865
  • measurements: 28.90 x 18.70 cm (framed: 44.20 x 33.80 x 5.50 cm)
  • credit line: Presented by the Art Fund 1923
  • photographer: Antonia Reeve