Mary, Queen of Scots, 1542 - 1587. Reigned 1542 - 1567 (In white mourning) (Probably a 19th century replica after an image of 1561)

About this artwork

Within eighteen months Mary, Queen of Scots, lost three members of her closest family - her father-in-law, Henry II of France, her mother, Mary of Guise, and finally, on 5 December 1560, her husband, Francois I of France. She is shown here in mourning, wearing a white hood and veil. According to the Venetian Ambassador to the French court, Mary was inconsolable and her 'tears and lamentations inspired a great pity' in everyone. Eight months later, having lost her position as Queen of France, Mary landed at Leith to take up her duties as Queen of Scotland.

Francois Clouet

Francois Clouet

From a family of Flemish draughtsmen and painters based in France, Clouet is believed to have been born in Tours. He was taught by his artist father Jean Clouet, and both artists served as court painters. François Clouet took up this role from 1541. Clouet was a highly sought after portraitist for royalty and nobility and was one of the leading painters in Renaissance France.