Crathes Castle (after 1895)

About this artwork

Crathes Castle is situated near Banchory in Kincardineshire. It is built on land that was given to the Burnett family by King Robert the Bruce in 1323. Initially, a wooden fortress was built. However, in 1553 construction began on the magnificent Renaissance castle which stands today. It was not completed until 1596, delayed numerous times due to the turmoil which accompanied Mary, Queen of Scots’ reign. An additional living wing, seen extending to the right of the castle, was added in the eighteenth century. This photograph was taken in or after 1895, when new windows were added throughout.

George Washington Wilson

George Washington Wilson

A hugely successful businessman, George Washington Wilson had left home at twelve to be a carpenter and subsequently trained as a portrait painter before turning to photography in 1853. By the 1860s he owned printing works in Aberdeen that produced thousands of prints with views from all over Britain every year. Later his catalogue grew to include pictures from the Continent and the rest of the world. One of his first clients was Prince Albert who asked him to photograph the rebuilding of Balmoral Castle. Queen Victoria continued to commission work from Wilson after her husband's death.